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Religious Places in Tamilnadu

Introduction to Churches in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, bounded by Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh in the north and Kerala in the west is a land of many religions. Predominantly Hindu, the sate has a considerable percentage of Christian population in India. Likewise there are a number of churches in Tamil Nadu, especially Chennai which is home for thousands of Christians. It is Chennai where the missionaries arrived almost 1900 years ago making it the cradle of Indian Christianity.


Introduction to Mosques in Tamil Nadu  

Tamil Nadu, characterized by serene co existence of religions has a number of places of worship such as the temples, churches and mosques that are a part of the whole society.Mosques, the places of worship for the Muslims are quite a few in number, specially in Chennai which has a significant number of Muslim population living there. ic

Makka masjid, the most important mosque in Chennai that can accommodate hundreds of worshippers. Masjid Mamoor in Chennai, especially for the sacred Muslims of Mannady The Grand Mosque , built by Nawab Wallajah in Chennai. Thousand Lights Mosque in the heart of Chennai The Goriplyam Mosque in Madurai Wallajah Mosque , popular as the Big Mosque in Chetak,Kanchipuram City Kasi Viranna Mosque, in George town,Kanchipuram City Durgah at Nagai Pudhar Road ,Nagapattinam City
al form on that day. 


Introduction to Temples in Tamil Nadu  

The skyline of the state of Uttar Pradesh is dotted with the mounting towers of thousands of temples that are one of the most significant tourist attractions in the state. The Tamils, considered the greatest builders of temples built some of the most fascinating structure in the history of temples in India, ranging from temples as ancient as the pre Christian era to as new as the 20th century. Dravidian style of architecture characterizes the temples of Tamil Nadu, which are of extreme religious and historical importance. The history of temples in Tamil Nadu started with temples being built from the caves.

m, Palani, Tiruvallur and Mahabalipuram.


Different Temples in Tamil Nadu

There are innumerable numbers of temples throughout the state of Tamil Nadu in Southern India. Some of the most important and religious ones are listed below.
Temples in Chennai

Sri Kapaleeswarar Temple
Parthasarathy Temple
Kandaswamy Temple
Vadapalani Temple
The Shore temple

Other temples in Tamil Nadu

Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram City
Mazani Amman temple, Coimbatore City
Thirumoorthy temple, 96 kms from Coimbatore
Thiruvadigai Temple, ancient Shiva Temple in Cuddlore City
Gopinathaswamy Temple, Dindigul City
Kailasanathar Temple , Kanchipuram
Ekambaranathar temple, Kanchipuram
Kamakshi temple, Kanchipuram
Tirutthani Murugan Temple, Kanchipuram, 8 kms from Chennai
Guganathaswamy temple, kanyakumari
Meenakshi Temple, Madurai City
Madappuram Badrakali Amman Temple, 20 kms from Madurai
Brihadeeswarar Temple in Tanjavur


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