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Religious Places in AP
Introduction to Churches in AP  
Andhra Pradesh always took active participation is various political and economic development of the country. There is always a mish mash of cultures in the state. Britishers who made this state as their head quarters in the southern zone of India. The age old churches are the example of Christianity that spread under the British rule. There are various churches which hold the past history and its essence.

Churches in Andhra Pradesh shows the existence of Christianity and other religious sect in Andhra Pradesh. Christianity and its essence remains every corner of the state. There is about 1.6 % of Christian population in Andhra Pradesh.


Introduction to Mosques in AP  
Islam was spread hundreds of years ago when Muslim rulers from north western frontier came and looted India’s wealth. Slowly days after days the Islam entered into the vein of India where Hinduism used to dominate in the country. The religion became of the major religion is India. There were Muslim Nawabs who ruled India as well as in Andhra Pradesh. Islam got well mixed with Indian culture and thus anew cult developed and that made it to construct new mosques and Islamic worship areas.


Introduction to Temples in AP  
Andhra Pradesh, the state of diversity and religious divergence can be seen without any racial discrimination. The state has a wonderful number of Hindu, Muslim and Christian. All the religions and cultures reside alongside. There are various temples, mosques and churches that are the examples of existence of various cults in the state. If you are visiting the state then these temples are the must visit place for the tourists. The temples bear rich heritage and tradition. The intricate stone works, the sculptures and the history that resides at every corner of the temples and in the ambience.

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