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Festivals in Karnataka  
One of the main Hindu festivals of Karnataka is Dussehra. The rulers of the Vijayanagar Dynasty used to celebrate this festival in a much extravagant manner. In the following years the celebration became a tradition. The festival was celebrated at Mysore with much pomp and show. A Durbar was held for consecutive nine days and on the tenth day a procession was taken out with elephants, colorful folks and much more.

Makar Sankranti
In the state of Karnataka, Makar Sankranti is a day of goodwill and friendship. This festival is a celebration of the occasion of the `ascent` of the sun to the north (Uttarayana). Sesame Ladoos and sugar drops are distributed among the masses as a symbol of the need to be generous and kind to everyone. The ancient customs and the spiritual rites are also observed with great veneration. Women wear new clothes, new glass bangles and hold get-togethers to share sweets and gifts.

In the Kannada tradition Yugadi is known as the New Year`s Day and is one of the traditional festivals of Karnataka. This festival is celebrated in the month of March or early April according to the English calendar. On the special day the supper is lovingly prepared and the meal starts with jaggery and neem leaves. The mood of exuberance and ebullience is highly reflective of the fact that this festival is nothing but a bundle of joy.


The festival of Karaga is celebrated with much fun and frolic in the Darmaraya temple in Bangalore. It is observed on the full moon day of the month of Chaitra, which is the first month according to the Hindu calendar. This popular festival is observed in the honor of Draupadi, the wife of the Pandavas, the famous characters of the great epic Mahabharata.

Hampi Festival
The magnificent city of Hampi comes alive with a symphony of colors during the festival of Hampi in the state of Karnataka. This festival is held in the first week of November and the people of Hampi, once the capital of Vijayanagara, the greatest empire of the Indian subcontinent indulges themselves in the festive spirit with an assortment of cultural performances.

The Vairamudi festival of Karnataka is a widely popular and a much-awaited occasion and takes place in the month of March. This festival is observed in the honor of Lord Cheluvarayaswamy who is adorned with the diamond-studded crown brought from the Mysore palace. People take part in the popular procession with great vigor and enthusiasm. The whole area is decorated with lights especially the temples of Raya Gopura Tirunarayana, Bhuvaneshwari and Yoganarasimha. People from all corners of the state come to get a glimpse of the deity. This festival truly reflects the religious glory of the rich Kannada heritage.


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