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Festivals in Andhra pradesh
History: Deepavali means row of lights. This festival is celebrated on the new moon day (Amavasya). It is believed that the demon Narkasura was killed on this day, Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya on this day after slaying Ravana, Emperor Bali donated his kingdom to Vamana (avtar of Vishnu) on this day, King Vikramarka descended to his throne on this day. 

Holi is celebrated on Purnima day in the month of Phalguna. According to a legend, when Siva was meditating, Manmadha (cupid) shot his darts at him to induce love in him for the good of the world. But Siva was incensed at the disturbance and opened his third eye and burnt Manmadha to ashes. Rathi Devi wife of cupid asked for mercy, but Siva said that it was not possible, but I grant one thing. He will put on his original form on Sukla Thrayodasi in the month of chaitra every year. As promised and blessed by Siva, Cupid assumes his original physical form on that day. 


It is celebrated on the 1st of Shawwal, tenth lunar month of the Islamic calendar after a period of fasting which lasts for one whole month. The fast commences at 4 a.m. in the morning and lasts till the sun set every day. During the fasting period nothing is eaten or drunk. The fast is generally broken with dates or melons. The night of the 27th of Ramzan is called Lailut-ul-Qadar, as the Holy Quran is believed to have descended from heaven on that night. Q

Krishna Ashtami
This festival is the celebration of the birth of Lord Krishna.
Celebrations: On this day a mandapam is made and a "Utti" is hung in the center decorated with special festoons. This "Utti" is tied to a pulley, which is operated by one man, and group of persons try to break it amidst water being splashed by the on lookers. Various fruits are collected & tied over the Mandapam. An idol of infant Krishna is placed in the mandapam. After the puja Krishna’s idol is put in a cradle and moved
back and forth.

Maha Sivarathri
Description: Mahasivarathri means the great night of Siva. It is believed that Lord Siva was born in the form of a lingam on the night of Krishna Chaturdasi (14th day of the dark fortnight). 

On this day after bath a lingam is placed in the mandapam. It is then worshipped with bel leaves (Aegle marmelos maaredu). In the evening the devotees take bath & go to the Siva temple & chant Si
va’s name continuously, listen to Siva’s stories & remain awake the whole night & break their fast the next day.

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    Dance can first be approached by dividing the performance into two parts: the sloka and nritta . The dance presented here is of the sloka variety.

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